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  • 正版星力九代电玩城 The half star off is only due to not being able to budge on the price. I found it rather steep for the domain. However, after reading in to, and talking to a sales rep about the payment plan option, I found it very generous. I'm able to spread the payments over 18 months, while getting immediate access to the domain. It did not require a social security number or personal information beyond billing, which appears to be through NameBright, the domain registry service they use, rather than through HugeDomains themselves, which is nice. I'm happy to own a domain I've wanted for a while, now, and overall very satisfied that I was able to get it. - Jacob Torrence, 7/16/2019
  • 星力九代电玩城捕鱼达人 Smooth transfer - Bilal Khoja, 7/16/2019
  • 星力九代电玩城海洋宝贝 My domain name purchase was near-instantaneous and without complications or confusion. I quickly obtained control over the name, which is now in my account at my registrar. Although ideally I would have been "first on the scene" to register the domain name for $10, realistically in most cases someone else will get there first. Being willing to pay a reasonable price for a name enables me to obtain ultra-premium virtual property that otherwise would not be accessible. - Brian Luedke, 7/15/2019
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